;) Coffee with a Twist ;)

“Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee” Well a coffee is an alarm for our bodies.Be it black coffee , traditional filter cofee or instant. DAMN ! A COFFEE IS COFFEE! So this isn’t a recipe post.Just a few tips to add some creativity to your coffee. I usually drink filter coffeeContinue reading “;) Coffee with a Twist ;)”

A Girl’s first hero – Dad

Baulster of support, Enlightening the court. To his princess he shows love , Into the ocean he dove. For a small little pearl, Protecting from people who churl. Giving surprises to make her smile, To creating a protective isle. From the time of birth; Proving her worth. Sacrificing his joy , With heads and folksContinue reading “A Girl’s first hero – Dad”

Life of a Dandelion – Episode 1

‘Heaven was when Dandy with her frilly white hair and a black eye flew down the lane everyday. She was so silky that if I got a chance I would run my fingers through her hair and make love with her like never before’ ; thought Sunny with tears drooling from his brown powdered eye.Continue reading “Life of a Dandelion – Episode 1”