Magic oil for voluminous hair

A long , thick hair is everybody’s dream come true. If you can make the dream come true using a few ingredients at home ,won’t that be awesome ? Well , let’s get started. This is a recipe that has been passed down from generations.I learned this receipe from my mother. This is an oilContinue reading “Magic oil for voluminous hair”

;) Coffee with a Twist ;)

“Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee” Well a coffee is an alarm for our bodies.Be it black coffee , traditional filter cofee or instant. DAMN ! A COFFEE IS COFFEE! So this isn’t a recipe post.Just a few tips to add some creativity to your coffee. I usually drink filter coffeeContinue reading “;) Coffee with a Twist ;)”

Immunity Booster – Ayurvedic Drink

Hi all , I am usually not fond of creating posts that have cooking recipes. But here in my blog I will be sharing a few tips and a few recipes that is sure to be useful. With the world shut down due to the pandemic one needs to boost their immunity to stay awayContinue reading “Immunity Booster – Ayurvedic Drink”