A poetry is a painting that speaks.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to speak the language of feelings and emotions

The Sun God

Out in the world; Overflown with Empiricisms making you unfurled. Every bird that glides in the air, Faces failures I swear. With ups and downs on their way ; Keeping obstacles at bay. Rises a warbler so strong and intense ; Trusting only the inner sense. Never wallowing with regret, Of the past mistakes and…

A Girl’s first hero – Dad

Baulster of support, Enlightening the court. To his princess he shows love , Into the ocean he dove. For a small little pearl, Protecting from people who churl. Giving surprises to make her smile, To creating a protective isle. From the time of birth; Proving her worth. Sacrificing his joy , With heads and folks…

Feather of Ink never sleeps

Days so aged , Inks dried under heaps of seamless work , Wanting to wake up through alarms of letters , Together filling up sheets of aromatic words. Life of poet surmounting beams , Hammering poetic dreams , drawing days of reality. Can’t wait to bring in rays of verses , Jumpin with freedom of…


A festival of lights and sound, Seeming profound, perspicacious to the values and traditions; Breaking dawn to reach heights of dusk, Flower pots and rockets, Reaching sounds of joy and sorrow, As the two sides of a coin, Come the festival of lights and sound. -Swathy Vinoth. #diwali

Smile !

When life gets you a notch down,Smile! This will help you cross a mile. Roads are full of thorns, Well,You get alarms as horns. Turn back , You can see a path, there is no use in being wrath. Believe in youself, and smile to cross the mile!

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