Face the devils

We are all in the same game Just different levels, Dealing with the same hell, Just different devils … Oh ! Yes ! Tell me about it. Every person in today’s game of life go through circumstances that make them want to feel guilty.This guilt builds up over time and scars a path that isContinue reading “Face the devils”

Question of transformation

“Are you self-inspired??” A question that was shot by an interviewer. Every person needs a break before they reach rocketeer peaks. But this question really triggered my in-depth self-analysis machine. When does one be self-inspired is the question that would be swimming in your minds. Sit back and think and try get the answers forContinue reading “Question of transformation”


This is an interesting article written by Mr.Ayalur A.Swaminathan- My father and my guru who has inspired me in a lot of ways.Please do read this as it is sure change your ways of thinking. The Corona Virus has transformed me from a “Heavy Smoker” to a NON-SMOKER. The process of transformation took less thanContinue reading “AN INTERESTING JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION …… by Mr.Ayalur A.Swaminathan”

Do not judge a book by its cover.

With all feeds and post filled with messages on women’s day ; why does one forget to sit back and ponder upon what an Indian women goes through her entire life.A child’s eye glowing with innocence ; growing up to face the world of challenges and up’s is free to take her own decision onContinue reading “Do not judge a book by its cover.”

CARPLED Theory Of Interpersonal Relationship – Swathy Vinoth

Think back to million years ago where people got around walking or by riding horses..Was Interpersonal relationship important back then? What is Interpersonal Relationship ? ” A Cardinal Theory of total quality escapes too many managers: you cannot continuously improve interdependent systems and processes until you progressively perfect interpersonal relationship – Stephen Covey ” ComingContinue reading “CARPLED Theory Of Interpersonal Relationship – Swathy Vinoth”