Face the devils

We are all in the same game Just different levels, Dealing with the same hell, Just different devils …

Oh ! Yes ! Tell me about it.

Every person in today’s game of life go through circumstances that make them want to feel guilty.This guilt builds up over time and scars a path that is very difficult to get tinkered.

Why me ? NO Buddy ! It’s not just you. You just have to get out there and find your partner , with whom you can share your thoughts.

For so long you keep blaming yourself for the problems that come across , but have you ever thought about it in a way that even a clap requires two hands ?

Today’s society is very selfish. Trust me , I know it very well because every step of mine , every decision of mine has been judged. The road I have been through or am travelling is not easy.This realisation itself has been difficult.

This realisation is what I call as Face the devil, all it requires is a little bit of support from friends and family.

Swathy Vinoth,Trainer

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