Question of transformation

“Are you self-inspired??” A question that was shot by an interviewer.

Every person needs a break before they reach rocketeer peaks. But this question really triggered my in-depth self-analysis machine. When does one be self-inspired is the question that would be swimming in your minds. Sit back and think and try get the answers for the following questions.

1: Are you open to new ideas?

Well, Inspiration cannot be attained when one stops evolving from creativity. Knowledge never stops developing and so are ideas ; so if you are open to ideas from millions – you are on the right track to being self-inspired ; let new thoughts and things sink in and float on the sea to success.

2: Are you aware about yourself? Do you know where you stand?

Awareness cannot deep in within seconds of reading motivational books or articles – It requires ages and ages of self-analysis and experience.

Ponder the questions and start your day afresh – trust me this definitely will giveyou a fresh outlook of yourself and your personality. Start small; set goals for yourself and reward yourself for every goal achieved. Motivation if the key to be self-inspired.

-Swathy Vinoth, Trainer

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