This is an interesting article written by Mr.Ayalur A.Swaminathan- My father and my guru who has inspired me in a lot of ways.Please do read this as it is sure change your ways of thinking.

The Corona Virus has transformed me from a “Heavy Smoker” to a NON-SMOKER. The process of transformation took less than a week’s time. I am sharing my journey of transformation with a pious desire of becoming an inspiration and role model to smokers who find it difficult to quit smoking.

The beginning of the act – SMOKING
It is not hypothetical to say that what started as “fun” during school days would become a lifetime habit hard to get rid of. At that young age, I never knew that the “first puff” would become an “antidote” for a stressful and challenging life of a heavy smoker.

After accomplishing success in life, at one point of time, I looked back only to realize that, “Even happily settled life did not stop my smoking habit”.

Few years later, when I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes, I only took medication and kept Diabetes under control. But, it was a pity that, “Even diabetes could not stop my smoking habit”.

The Social Stigma of Being a Smoker
My smoking habit became a social stigma among relatives, friends, colleagues, subordinates, higher ups and the society around me in India and abroad. I encountered embarrassing moments at several places on several occasions. It was so sad that, “Even the insistence of my wife, children and the social stigma could not stop my smoking habit”.

I am now 54 years of age and my smoking has peaked and I was smoking about 20 cigarettes a day that resulted in constant coughs, sneezes, and weight loss. “I started to feel that the smoking is taking a toll on me and is deteriorating my health”.

The Arrival of CORONA that brought the TRANSITION IN ME
Frankly admitting, even before Corona arrived, I was making sincere attempts to quit it for quite some time. This resulted only in several failed attempts. But, smoking never was leaving me. But, the harder I tried to quit it, ironically, it only increased and never reduced.

At this juncture, the deadly Corona virus reached the nation and region where we work and live. “Trust me, this shook me off and I was so frightened of my smoking habit because of the coughs and sneezes.”

As a result of the Corona Virus, a fresh resolve started blossoming in me. I told myself I am going to give the hardest try. Since 12 March I made sincere attempts to stop smoking. 12 March witnessed a far reduced smoking of about 6 to 7 sticks. The whole of 13 March saw only 1 stick and the whole of 14 March saw only 1 stick. So, I started getting the confidence and self-belief that “Yes, Yes, Yes, I can do it. I can quit smoking”.

The ENDING of the act – SMOKING
“That is it from 15 March 2020, I quit smoking permanently”
I have not used any alternatives or substitutes. With pure will power and determination I just quit smoking completely. Good thing is I am not getting the urge. “The Nicotine is not calling me anymore”. I would never go back to smoking as I very well realized the bad effect of continuing and the good effect of quitting. I am feeling the difference. The coughs and sneezes have gone away and I am feeling strong and confident. I see 3 extremely happy faces and minds of my wife, son and daughter after so many years. My Sister & her family, other relatives, colleagues and friends are all happy. What else I need?

With folded arms I request all smokers to take my journey of transformation as an inspiration and choose a “SMOKING FREE HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE”.

Hope you found this helpful.Your valuable feedback will be appreciated.

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