Magic oil for voluminous hair

A long , thick hair is everybody’s dream come true.

If you can make the dream come true using a few ingredients at home ,won’t that be awesome ?

Well , let’s get started.

This is a recipe that has been passed down from generations.I learned this receipe from my mother. This is an oil that can be used by everyone under all age group.

It is said that what you intake is also important for a beautiful hair and skin. So try to include curry leaves, amla regulary in your diet.Having raw curry leaves everyday will also show a lot of difference.

All that you need.

For the paste

1. A fresh bunch of curry leaves (Karevepillai in tamil )

2.Karisilankanni Powder (Bharangaraj Powder)

3.Hibiscus Powder

4.Fresh amla (Indian gooseberry) : cut into pieces

5.Kalonji seeds (nigella seeds) or Karunjeeragam in tamil

For the oil

1. Coconut oil (I use parachute ) can also go for organic coconut oil / chekku ennai (cold pressed oil) (1 litre or 500 ml )

2.Few drops of vitamin E oil

3.One Teaspoon of sesame oil

What to do?

1.Take all the paste ingredients and make a paste in a mixer.

2.In a pan put required amount of coconut oil : 500 ml or 1 litre.. add the rest of the oil too.

3.Add the paste to the oil.

4.Mix it well.

5.Switch on the stove and allow the concotion to boil in medium flame.

6.The concoction will lather up and start to boil …immediately reduce the heat to low.

7 Keep stirring and again increase the flame to medium : The concoction will again lather up and boil .Immediately reduce the flame to low.

8.Repeat step 6 once again and switch off the stove.

9.Allow this oil to rest for 24 hours.

10.All the flavour will get absorbed in the oil.

11.Now drain the oil using a strainer or a cotton cloth.

P.S: I first strain the mixture then use a cloth and my bare hands to drain out excess oil.

Store the oil in an airtight container.

Hope you enjoyed this magic recipe.

Try this and give ur feedback.

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