Do not judge a book by its cover.

With all feeds and post filled with messages on women’s day ; why does one forget to sit back and ponder upon what an Indian women goes through her entire life.A child’s eye glowing with innocence ; growing up to face the world of challenges and up’s is free to take her own decision on chocolates (is it so 😉 ) . Well, it ain’t an issue when it comes to chocolates ; but when the child puts on a shirt and a trouser feeling comfortable in an attire that’s modern ; she is judged. The Indian modern industry speaks on interpersonal relationship ; conducting numerous thought provoking training sessions judges a girl when she tries to build her interpersonal skills with people from the opposite gender. Right from the advent of industrial upheaval ; judging a women has taken high standards.
Facing all these challenges a women still finds her place in the society and strives to get her passion fit in. Judgements are everywhere ; so on this women’s Day I’d like to share a short message:

To all self motivated women out there :

“Give yourself a pat on your back ; cause without self confidence / motivation you wouldn’t be in a place that builds your passion . If you are being judged feel proud ; take it as a message that’s unwanted and be yourself.”

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