CARPLED Theory Of Interpersonal Relationship – Swathy Vinoth

Think back to million years ago where people got around walking or by riding horses..Was Interpersonal relationship important back then?

What is Interpersonal Relationship ?

” A Cardinal Theory of total quality escapes too many managers: you cannot continuously improve interdependent systems and processes until you progressively perfect interpersonal relationship – Stephen Covey ”

Coming straight to the point interpersonal relationship is the positive ardent of treatment by others.It is the way you would to be treated by others.

So why would I speak about walking / riding in the preface? Has it got something related to the theory ? Well yes ! The invent of CAR is a boon to the well being of people and so is the invention of MNCs. Competitions ; Striveance to reach positions has all led to the development of the theory called CARPLED Theory. Mastering those skills will not only help in fit the survival of existence ; but will also lighten your skills to place yourself in the top levels of work place hierarchy.

To be continued..

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