Life of a Dandelion – Episode 2

“ DANDY ! DANDY ! Where are you ? “ shrieked Dandy younger brother Hib,  searching with his red petals. It was 8:00 in the evening and Dandy had not returned home.

This got Dandy’s mother Aloe worried. A green gel started leaking from her white scarred eyes.Although a step mother Aloe treated Dandy with atmost love and care.Every word she spoke was with endearment. She was so affectionate with Dandy.

At the entrance , Aloe became edgy and she grieved in pain when the phone rang.

“Aunty ! Aunty ! Rosa Rosa ! “ The phone line broke. All that she could hear was a sound of phone being dead.

Aloe could not understand a word that was being uttered.She tried calling her back but no use.Hib seemed perturbed about the situation enquired to his friends about his angelic sister.

“What do we do now ? You dad is out of town , and My darling has not yet returned ! “ Aloe was tormented by sorrow.

“Don’t worry mother ! I’ll go out and walk in the streets to find my sister. I will return with her” replied Hib with confidence and stepped out closing the gate of their hut house.

        To be continued.

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