Life of a Dandelion – Episode 1

‘Heaven was when Dandy with her frilly white hair and a black eye flew down the lane everyday. She was so silky that if I got a chance I would run my fingers through her hair and make love with her like never before’ ; thought Sunny with tears drooling from his brown powdered eye.

Sunny sat still on the green bed that felt like a cushion staring at the street where Dandy lived.

Dandy is not like the other Dandelions in the city.Her look can melt anyone’s heart and every body would die to speak to her. Her no wings flight was something that the entire city craved for.

Being the only daughter of Taraxa ( Taraxacum) she lived a carefree life.Never facing the problems that the city offered; she was well protected and brought up like a queen.

“Hey Dude , She’s mine “ said Rosa in indignation. “ I would rather kill you with my thorns if you gave her another look” pointing his sharp thorns at Sunny.

With trepidation Sunny covered his eyes with his striking Yellow Sepals.Not knowing what to say Sunny turned his eye towards the Sun and prayed “ Thee Oh Lord, Dandy is an angel , Please give me the strength to protect my queen from the Thorne evil”.

Soon after School , when Dandy was flying back home,  Rosa blocked her way. “ Hey Beauty ! Please accept my proposal”, on his knees Rosa offered a ring. Dandy’s eyes was filled with fear.She yelled “ NO ! ROSA ! LET ME GO ! I HATE YOU, YOU ARE SO THORNY! “.The very word Thorny peeved Rosa to forcefully  put the diamond ring on her silky fingers.Her frilly white hair stared flying one at a time. She wailed , weeped and fainted on Rosa’s thorny hands.

To be continued …

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